Read All Four Gospels
In One Month

This is a Bible reading plan taking the reader through all four Gospels in one month. All are invited to use this plan, and it is particularly suited to Torah-obedient Messianic believers.

The Bible text is from the New Heart English Bible – Messianic Edition. As a Messianic Bible, it uses Hebrew proper names in most cases, along with a few other familiar Hebrew words common in Messianic circles. For more on the New Heart English Bible – Messianic Edition, go here.

The plan for 30-days is because we are launching this site for the Hebrew month of Av, which has 30 days. The date on the Hebrew calendar is displayed above along with the Gregorian date. Hebrew months have either 29 or 30 days. The next month, Elul, has 29 days. A 29-day plan will be posted before the first of Elul.

You can also choose to use the Gregorian dates and to read the passages from your own preferred translation. The important goal of this site is to encourage you to Read the Gospels.